About Us

The Asia Digital Alliance (ADA) is a coalition of Internet users, businesses, security experts and academics who promote an accessible yet safe Internet environment.

The digital and offline world are converging at an accelerated rate with new digital technologies amplifying the opportunities for netizens to interact with the world and access information, to communicate, to buy and sell and to express their creativity. Unfortunately, the anonymity of the Internet coupled with the fast transmission of digital data and outdated regulations enabling businesses to evade responsibility, has created an Internet fraught with consumer risk. Scams, fraud, malware, identity theft, misleading advertising are just some of the dangers found within the dark underbelly of the Internet.

In investigating, exposing and discussing these risks the ADA aims to contribute towards a safer Internet community by promoting netizens, especially young consumers, to safeguard themselves and develop safer browsing habits.

The ADA collective endeavors to make the public and policymakers throughout the Asia Pacific region aware of the safety concerns and online risks that netizens face today. Together we can help to promote a safer and more trustworthy digital environment.

Join us and become part of the collective today.